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Carol Rodis Ongsio

Nanay Carol has been in the business for a long time. One of their previous products was peanut butter and wallets made of beads. She looks forward to expanding her product line with the help of the municipality and barangay, which can provide additional capital. Nanay Carol wanted to help her husband provide for their family, which was the reason she started the business. There were many ups and downs in her entrepreneurial journey, leading her to temporarily stop her business. In 2023, her husband passed away, so now her eldest child, who graduated in advertising and currently works as a social media manager, is her life companion, while her other children are still studying.  But now, Nanay Carol is back and more focused on her business. 

Nanay Carol started the Malunggay Coffee business when she and her husband both went for a check-up and found out that their cholesterol and uric acid levels were high. Nanay Carol thought of trying malunggay to see if its health benefits were true. They discovered that malunggay was indeed good for the body and helped improve their health. Nanay Carol decided to push for selling malunggay products to share its benefits with others.

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