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Honey's Sweet and Spicy Vinegar

Milady Guillo is the proud owner of Honey’s Sweet and Spicy Vinegar. Inspired by her father's love for spicy green chilies, she developed a preference for spicy food from a young age. Growing up, she found enjoyment in meals that packed a punch of heat. Dissatisfied with the offerings in supermarkets, she decided to create her own product, with the help of her children. Honoring her father's memory, she launched her product on his 81st birthday and first death anniversary on July 7, 2020. Starting with orders from friends in her subdivision, demand quickly grew, with local banks in Batangas City becoming regular customers. 

Despite facing challenges such as fluctuating ingredient prices, Milady remained committed to fulfilling orders, even at times when profit margins were slim. She recalls an instance when she had to fulfill an order for 500 bottles amidst a significant increase in chili prices. Despite the financial strain, she honored the agreed-upon price, earning the loyalty of her customer. 

Milady takes pride in her one-woman operation, using alkaline water to clean the chilies, enhancing their color and freshness. Though she handles production alone, she dreams of expanding her business and instilling her practices in her future team. She envisions a time when her production will grow significantly, and she can share her expertise with her employees.

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