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Nanay Anita, 54 years old, resides in Pamplona, Camarines Sur, and is married to Tatay Fernando. They have five children, all of whom they have successfully put through school except for their youngest. 

Nanay Anita serves as the Chairperson of the Golden Parauma Producers Cooperative, established in November 2015. Originally founded as a non-profit corporation, the organization later transitioned into a cooperative to engage in business activities. Despite facing numerous challenges, only five of the original fifty members remain today. Their former office and rice mill were neglected when the landowner's grandchild moved in, and a neighboring area was turned into a gambling site. Despite setbacks, the organization's initiatives continued. In 2018, some original members revived the cooperative in response to the community's desire for a cooperative. Currently, the cooperative has eighty-one members and operates four cooperative farms as product sources for processing. Many women and youth have joined the cooperative. Support from Angat Buhay, the local government, and the National Movement of Farmer Organizations has been instrumental. 

The cooperative persists in improving its members' livelihoods and aiding the community through environmentally sustainable farming, producing healthy food. They pride themselves on using ingredients sourced from their cooperative farms and processed directly in their food processing plant. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the cooperative's business was affected by mobility limitations but also spurred an increase in membership, as more individuals sought to assist the community and the country.

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