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We personalized souvenir items for your special events as follows: Weddings Birthdays Baptism etx.
Aling Patring's Sari Sari Store
Patty Lising is a true representation of the adage, “Train them while they’re young”. Stemming from her childhood experiences in their family enterprise of selling cloth, Patty was able to use her training and lessons learned for her new entrepreneurial ventures. Although armed with a degree in Child Development Education, her heart and passion for business never waned. She tried her hand at franchising businesses that are now commonly found in malls. Despite experiencing success in her businesses, Patty found herself married in 2012, got separated, and then fell in and out of love again. Heartbreaking as it may seem, the advent of the COVID-19 virus had its ways of putting a plot twist in all of our lives, and Patty wasn’t spared. With nothing to do in the US during the pandemic, she thought of putting up her own business, and through her thorough research, she got inspired to carry products that were trending, as well as feature products that weren’t available upstate. From making her own... More
Angie Craft Yarn
Angelina Rodillo unexpectedly discovered her knack for crocheting during the pandemic. What began as a simple pastime swiftly evolved into a passion she couldn't resist. As she crafted, her family and friends were quick to shower her with praise for her creations. Encouraged by their compliments, Angelina decided to share her handcrafted wonders with a wider audience. Thus, Angie Craft Yarn was born. 
Azius Ventures
Founded in 2023, we initially set out to provide pet owners with the highest quality products, ranging from nutritious food to grooming essentials. Inspired by our decade-long journey of being “furrents” to Bear, our sassy PusPin, and Mochi, our sweet Himalayan cat, we opened our website and online community as a lifestyle hub that celebrates the ups and downs of caring for our adorable pets. 
Better Option Food
Homemade Gourmet Ventures, carrying the brand name, Better Options, is a food manufacturing business established in November 2019.  Its flagship products include Adobong Tahong, Buttered Garlic Tahong, and Gourmet Tuyo.  Driven by positive feedback and encouragement from buyers, the owner, Faye Diesta, started to upgrade the quality and seek the help of DOST by becoming a SETUP beneficiary. She was granted its FDA License to Operate in January 2023 and is now working on her product's food registration. Three (3) years after selling to just friends and neighbors, her products are now available at selected shell convenience stores, and selected supermarkets and she now has resellers in Taiwan and Canada. The company is now working with 1export to be able to enter the US, Australian and Malaysian markets. The company's focus is not to be the best product there is in the market, because we believe there is no such thing as the best product.  What we guarantee is that, amongst the (similar)... More
Carol Rodis Ongsio
Nanay Carol has been in the business for a long time. One of their previous products was peanut butter and wallets made of beads. She looks forward to expanding her product line with the help of the municipality and barangay, which can provide additional capital. Nanay Carol wanted to help her husband provide for their family, which was the reason she started the business. There were many ups and downs in her entrepreneurial journey, leading her to temporarily stop her business. In 2023, her husband passed away, so now her eldest child, who graduated in advertising and currently works as a social media manager, is her life companion, while her other children are still studying.  But now, Nanay Carol is back and more focused on her business.  Nanay Carol started the Malunggay Coffee business when she and her husband both went for a check-up and found out that their cholesterol and uric acid levels were high. Nanay Carol thought of trying malunggay to see if its health benefits were true. They... More