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Homemade Gourmet Ventures, carrying the brand name, Better Options, is a food manufacturing business established in November 2019.  Its flagship products include Adobong Tahong, Buttered Garlic Tahong, and Gourmet Tuyo.  Driven by positive feedback and encouragement from buyers, the owner, Faye Diesta, started to upgrade the quality and seek the help of DOST by becoming a SETUP beneficiary. She was granted its FDA License to Operate in January 2023 and is now working on her product's food registration. Three (3) years after selling to just friends and neighbors, her products are now available at selected shell convenience stores, and selected supermarkets and she now has resellers in Taiwan and Canada. The company is now working with 1export to be able to enter the US, Australian and Malaysian markets. The company's focus is not to be the best product there is in the market, because we believe there is no such thing as the best product.  What we guarantee is that, amongst the (similar) products that are available anywhere in the world, we are your better option.

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