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The inception of AbsMush Mushroom Farm was formed from the vision of an Overseas
Filipino Worker (OFW) who sought to demonstrate the potential of mushroom cultivation
as a sustainable livelihood for his family. Rolex Rubrico, an Electrical Engineer, and his
wife, Mhalyn, a Registered Nurse, through research and various training
sessions, paved the way for their foray into mushroom farming. Their journey
commenced in the backyard of her sister’s home, where they conducted pilot testing to
refine their techniques. Mhalyn is actively involved in overseeing production and
innovating new, health-conscious, and convenient product offerings of mushroom
chicharon and banana shoestring.  Their relentless commitment has led to the
attainment of FDA LTO and International Halal Certification, positioning them for entry
into the global market.

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