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Lea Mancera, 53 years old is married to Daniel and has four children. Lea started a wire
and metal frames business but was encouraged by a businessman to enter the
handicraft business using seagrass and abaca from Bicol as raw materials. They started
with the production of hampers, baskets and vases under the business name of Daniel’s
Handicrafts. The designs are made by Daniel who has a Fine Arts background. The
exquisite designs and unique materials eventually were noticed by buyers. When
several orders started to come in, they had to employ many weavers and frame makers
from local residents. Aside from local residents in Muntinlupa, they gave training to
around 100 inmates in New Bilibid Prisons for basket and vase making. The inmates
are paid per piece. Spouses Mancera continue to give jobs to the inmates whose
craftsmanship is top-notch. Aside from being productive, they are able to provide for
their families even while inside the Bilibid Prison.

Lea Mancera was honored as a Regional Awardee for Luzon at the Citi Micro
entrepreneurship Awards in 2019. The award which is in collaboration with the Bangko
Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Microfinance Council of the Philippines aims to identify
unique micro entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

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