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Elvira Lolong, a resident of Novaliches, raised eight children. Four completed entrepreneurial courses, one pursued IT, one focused on marine studies, and two are studying architecture. Their education journey was marked by financial struggles, often pretending to eat while waiting to see if there was enough rice. To make ends meet, Elvira learned to sell goods, adding as little as ten pesos to their income. College expenses added to their challenges, prompting her children to walk to school to save on fare. Despite the hardships, their determination never wavered. 

One day, her child proposed starting a business with Nanay's shrimp paste, which became a success. Visitors' contributions kick-started their venture, leading to the expansion of their product line to include chili garlic and vinegar, now their best-sellers. Even while her children were still in school, profits from the business supported their transportation expenses and projects. Elvira ensured to set aside the capital so they wouldn't run out. Thus, their humble shrimp paste business not only sustained them but also paved the way for their children's brighter future.

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