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J WHO Mushroom Farm

Glenda Loterina, a PWD vendor, adopted the trade name JWHO Mushroom, inspired by her son's favorite DOTA character. Her son, a third-year student at Bicol University, tragically fell into a coma for nine days due to an accident and did not survive. In honor of her son, Paul Julius, Glenda chose "JWHO," which stands for "Sino si Jay" (Who is Jay), connecting it to her son's name. 

The choice of mushroom as her product stemmed from Glenda's diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, which restricted her diet from red meat and scaleless fish. Discovering mushrooms online as a suitable substitute, she initially bought rooting bags to grow them. However, her posts on social media garnered unexpected orders, leading her to explore larger-scale production, only to fall victim to a scam. 

Seeking guidance, Glenda joined a mushroom group where she discovered paid seminars. Following one such seminar, assistance came from the Albay Provincial Agriculture Office, enabling her to successfully grow and sell her product. Subsequently, a call from the DTI prompted her journey to the Negosyo Center, marking the beginning of extensive support from the government. 

Under DTI's guidance, Glenda received training and attended trade fairs, while during the pandemic, St. Anthony Cooperative aided her transition to online marketing through training sessions. Additional support from ISKAPARATE introduced her to seminars that significantly enhanced her skills, likening the experience to pursuing an MBA. Glenda's perseverance and newfound knowledge garnered recognition, earning her awards as Best Entrepreneur for two consecutive years and a grant worth 100k from DOST as one of 12 innovative women. While becoming a semi-finalist in the Women Entrepreneurs South Asia, she narrowly missed the top three spots but remains grateful for the immense support she has received.

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