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With the aim of bringing Palawan's renowned delicacy, Marinated Danggit, to Metro Manila,
Lucky Bucket focuses on introducing and supplying this frozen treat. Known locally as Lamayo,
it's a beloved favorite in the province, often found in hotel restaurants and cherished as a top
pasalubong for tourists. Sourced directly from Coron, Palawan, Lucky Bucket ensures
meticulous processing and packaging in a safe environment.

Despite starting as an online venture due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lucky Bucket has
garnered remarkable demand and positive feedback for Lamayo from valued customers. The
company has rapidly expanded its reach, establishing wholesalers and resellers in NCR and

nearby provinces. Satisfied clients attest to the meaty, crunchy, and flavorful qualities of Lucky
Bucket's product.

Responding to customer requests, Lucky Bucket has broadened its offerings to include more
Premium Palawan Seafood products like Tahong Meat, Dried Danggit, and Pusit. They've also
introduced Cashew Nuts and expanded their selection to include seafood items like GenSan
Tuna and Norwegian Salmon.

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