How to Stop Beard Itch

Ready, Set, Glow! - How to Stop Beard Itch

Did you know that at the root of every one of your beard follicles, you have a pair of glands called sebaceous glands? These glands create a sebum oil to naturally keep your skin nourished and hydrated. However, when your beard gets longer, the sebum oil does not get produced in a proportionate quantity. When this happens, what comes after is a high possibility of having an unhealthy beard, causing it to dry and itch. This is completely normal and often has nothing to do with hygiene or infections. All you need is the right personal care using pili oil and you can solve this problem!

Pili Pulp Oil 100ml | IskaparateWhy Pili Oil?

Pili Oil contains the highest amount of Vitamin E out of any natural oil. Vitamin E is globally known to be essential for maintaining healthy skin
and hair, providing deep hydration, and promoting healing and regeneration. Here's how Pili Oil can transform your beard care routine:

Benefits of Pili Oil for Your Beard

1. Eliminates Beard Itch:

When your beard grows longer, the natural sebum oil from your sebaceous glands isn't enough to keep both your skin and beard adequately moisturized. This often leads to the dreaded beard itch. Applying Pili Oil supplements the lack of sebum oil, providing the necessary moisture to soothe and eliminate beard itch.

2. Provides Deep Hydration:

The rich Vitamin E content in Pili Oil ensures that both your beard and the skin underneath stay hydrated. This prevents dryness and flakiness, keeping your beard soft and your skin comfortable. Deep hydration from Pili Oil helps in maintaining the overall health and appearance of your beard, making it look healthy and well-groomed.

3. Nourishes and Conditions:

Pili Oil penetrates deep into the hair follicles, nourishing and conditioning your beard from the roots to the tips. This helps in reducing breakage and split ends, promoting a healthier and more manageable beard. Regular use of Pili Oil ensures that your beard remains strong and resilient, preventing common issues like brittleness and frizz.

4. Promotes Skin Health:

The antioxidants and nutrients in Pili Oil promote skin health, helping to heal any irritation or inflammation caused by dryness or environmental factors. By keeping the skin under your beard in optimal condition, Pili Oil prevents issues such as acne and dandruff to ensure that both your skin and beard look and feel their best.

5. Enhances Beard Growth:

Maintaining the optimal health of your hair follicles and providing essential nutrients with Pili Oil can support and enhance the growth of a fuller and thicker beard. Consistent use of Pili Oil encourages robust beard growth, allowing you to achieve the dense, healthy beard you desire while maintaining the appearance of your facial hair.

How to Use Pili Oil on Your Beard

1. Clean Your Beard:

Start with a clean beard. Wash it with a gentle beard shampoo and pat it dry with a towel.

2. Apply Pili Oil:

  • Take a few drops of Pili Oil in your palm and rub your hands together to warm the oil.
  • Massage the oil into your beard, making sure to reach the skin underneath. Focus on the roots and work your way down to the tips.

3. Comb and Style:

Use a beard comb or brush to distribute the oil evenly throughout your beard and style it as desired.

4. Daily Routine:

Incorporate Pili Oil into your daily beard care routine. Regular use will keep your beard and skin well-nourished and hydrated.


Pili Oil is an excellent natural solution for maintaining a healthy, itch-free beard. Its high Vitamin E content, combined with its deep moisturizing and nourishing properties, makes it a must-have in your beard care arsenal. In fact, it can not only be used for hair but also as a skincare product that helps diminish dark spots and provide glowing skin despite sun damage.

Learn how by reading this article: How Does the Sun Damage Our Skin?

Looking for locally made pili oil to help with your hair or skin? Try Merleā€™s Pili Pulp Oil to add into your routine to keep your beard staying soft, hydrated, and perfectly groomed. Its production being in the Bicol region of the Philippines, you can guarantee its use of authentic ingredients and accurate process. Still, remember to avoid excessive use and conduct a patch test first.

Learn more about the benefits of pili pulp oil:,skin%2C%20hair%2C%20and%20nails.


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