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Kink Cakes

Experiencing the giggles and struggles of college life together, the bond between Tom Carlos and Me-an Cuenca later blossomed into a successful cake business born from a friend's quirky shop idea. Tom’s passion for business and Me-an’s baking skills were the perfect ingredients for a unique entrepreneurial adventure ahead.

It wasn’t long before they realized that this idea was meant to be transpired into reality. On May 27, 1990, they opened their first store in Quezon City with money they had borrowed from supportive friends. With a tight budget, they stepped out of their comfort zone to paint the walls and upholster the rattan chairs themselves.

Officially naming their business Kink Cakes, they set out to offer creative celebration cakes that stood out in a crowded market. As orders started to come in, their reputation for unique cakes grew and they were known to craft cakes that bring joy to celebrations. They have been part of all types of milestones, from birthdays to anniversaries, knowing they had a hand in making each occasion special.

Over the years, Kink Cakes has become a fairly popular shop for ready and made-to-order cake items known for its unique designs and quality flavors. Tom and Me-an’s story of starting from being college friends to business partners is a reflection of perseverance and the sweet success that comes from following one's passions and treasuring friendships.

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